Become a seller

To all the logo designers of the world...

We know that you work really hard to come up with great logo proposals. We also know that not all of those designs are chosen by your clients. You need to be rewarded for that work, and that’s where Strong Logos comes in. We will make it easy for you to sell your unused logo design proposals.

Get started

Here are the things you need to get started: 

  1. Register for an account
  2. Make sure you check "I want to become a seller"
  3. Add your portfolio URL and click "Create a new account". You can use either your personal site or a link to a logo design gallery or any other gallery site that showcases your work. We cannot accept applications that have no portfolio available online.

What happens next?
The team at Strong Logos will review your application and will grant seller privileges accordingly.

Already a seller? 

Here's what to do next: 

ADD YOUR LOGOS - you can add one logo design at a time and you are required to add:

Logo title
Please make sure it's not the title of a contest or an old client - change it to reflect a possible use. (e.g. Insead of "Caucasus Investments" change it to "Investment logo")

Logo description
This is not a required field but it's advisable to describe your logo - this field is used by the search engine on the site - the better the description, the better your chance to rank higher in the search results.

We use the tags along with the description to search and display relevant content for the buyer - make good use of this field, keep it short but relevant. 

This is as simple as it gets - select the category that best fits your logo.

Image gallery
Add some images with your logo - you can add as many as you like - keep in mind however, that the slower the page loads, the more chances for the buyer to click something else - our suggestion - maximum of 4 images. 

The first image will always be used as a thumbnail across the site

Make sure you add enough white space around the logo - our suggestion: 10-15% of the total area.

Upload size: 600x400px

Format: jpg, png, gif

Logo Kit
The Logo Kit is a zip archive that must contain:

One (1) .EPS file - compatible with up to Illustrator CS5, vector only (outline type, expand effects, etc.), CMYK document - it must match the fist image in your image gallery (we need to make sure the client will be provided with the exact logo they see advertised).

One (1) .JPG file - this should be a JPG version of the logo.

One (1) .TXT file - this file has to have your contact information in case the client will need you to adjust the logo in the future.

Each submitted logo is checked by our staff and approved if the above conditions are met.

Logo price

You can set your own logo price, however, to make sure you will actually sell your logos, we suggest a range of $175 - $350

When setting your price, please take into account that Strong Logos’ commision is 30% of the selling price.  You are also liable to cover PayPal merchant fees.

If you want to offer more value and increase the price of a logo you can: include black and white versions for the logo, a larger variety of file types (PSD, transparent PNG, etc.). You are not allowed to include business card design service, or any other services that you promise to render at a later time. The price should reflect something that the buyer can enjoy in the next few seconds after they have paid for the logo.


Once approved as a seller, you will get your own unique URL on the Strong Logos site that will allow you to actively promote your logo design shop. 

Some suggestions: post a logo to Facebook and ask you friends to share your URL, post your new logos for sale on Twitter, add your logos to various Pinterest boards, etc. You are really only limited by your imagination as to how you promote your store.


Each time you sell one of your logos, sit back and celebrate. Treat yourself with something nice. You deserve it! However, don't forget about those less fortunate than you. They wish they could carve their path in life. Whilst you are free to build your future, they are not...yet. What we're saying is make a choice to donate some of your earnings to your favorite charity or just help someone in need. This might prove to be a very good motivation to improve your skills further and in the process, become a more successful and happier person.


How do I register to sell logos on Strong Logos?

Just visit our registration page here

How do I upload logos for sale?

If you’ve already registered as a seller here and have received a confirmation email, you will be able to login to your profile here and start uploading logos for approval and sale.

How do I sell logos with Strong Logos?

Once you register on the site, you’ll receive a simple set of instructions outlining what you need to do from there.

How much do I get paid for my logos?

You can make as much or as little as you would like from your logos.  You get to set the price and you receive 70% (less any PayPal fees) for the logo that you design and sell through Strong Logos.  

Does it cost me to sell my logos through Strong Logos?

For being the intermediary, Strong Logos uses the web standard online marketplace formula of 30% commission (plus PayPal charges) on any sales.  This covers our ongoing costs in running the marketplace that sells your logos and makes you money.  In the unlikely event that you don’t sell a logo, we don’t charge anything.  If your logo sells, we deserve to receive a fee.  If it doesn’t, you don’t pay us a cent.


What are my obligations in creating a logo for Strong Logos?

When you list a logo for sale with Strong Logos, you have the obligation to ensure that it is an original design created by you without assistance from other sources such as clip art or vector illustrations.  This means that you designed it entirely yourself.  Using other designer’s work is not fair to them or acceptable by us.  Also, any fonts used must have been acquired legally.  We have the right to reject any designs submitted for sale on the Strong Logos site.

What types of logos sell well?

Unique but generic designs sell best on the Strong Logos site.  Ones that are easy to manipulate the colour and text of.

What would help me sell more logos?

When a buyer searches for a logo on Strong Logos they can search using many parameters.  Some of these include logo name, shape, colour, designer, industry or other keywords / tags and description.  You get to include these search parameters to the description of your logo when you upload it for sale.  The better you describe your logo, the easier it will be for someone to find your logo and buy it at Strong Logos.

How much should I sell my logo for?

You can set any price for your logo.  Keep in mind that you need to be paid a fair price for your awesome design and the buyer wants to pay a fair price.  You need to determine what that balance is.  A good guide would be to look at what other designers are selling similar logos for.  You must sell your logos for a minimum price of $99.  The maximum is whatever you think fair.

What happens once I sell my logo?

Once you sell your logo and fulfil your obligations to customise it for your buyer you get paid.

What is logo customisation?

Included in the price that you charge for your logo is the extra work required to customise it.  This does not mean another full round of design.  It means the modification or changing any text and / or colouring of the logo.  When the buyer purchases your logo, they will detail the changes required.  We then inform you of those changes and you will have two business days to carry them out. You can’t charge the customer for this work as it is included in the price that you charged.

When do I get paid?

You get paid for your logo within one business day of the the buyer confirming that you have made the customisations as required.  

What happens if the designer doesn’t customise the logo?

If the customisations of the words and colour of the logo do not get amended as requested and you have communicated with the designer without success, our team will be able to take care of those changes at no extrac costs for you.

What happens if I have a issue with a buyer during the customisation phase?

If you have been unsuccessful in customising a logo to a customer’s satisfaction and you are unable to resolve the issue together then our customer service specialists are here to help.  We can negotiate a resolution between the seller and the buyer.  Our aim is for both parties to be satisifed.  

Is there a penalty for not fulfilling my obligations as a designer / seller?

If our customer service team determine that you are at fault for not completing the customisation of the logo then the buyer will be refunded in full.  The designer is liable to pay a 30% fee  OR pay 50% fee on the next logo sale through Strong Logos.  Not many designers have to worry about this as they perform the work required to customise the logo.

Can I offer my designs on similar marketplace websites?

Strong Logos is here to help you sell your logos.  We understand that we aren’t the only company out there helping you to do it either.  You are free to promote your designs on as many sites as you like.  However, once your logo sells, you have the obligation to remove it for sale and display from every other site you have listed it on.  At the time of purchase, your buyer becomes the legal owner of it.  The buyer can also request that you remove the logo from your portfolio for an additional fee.  You must comply with this request.  If it is determined that you have violated any aspect of these policies then you will be liable to repay the purchase price plus 30%.  You will also be liable to the customer for any further losses that they incur.

How do I get help in registering or uploading files?

If you are having problems with any aspect of the Strong Logos website, please contact us.  We are here to help.

Who owns the copyright on the logos once they are sold?

Once a designer sells a logo to a buyer then they own it.  This means that, as a designer, you can no longer promote it on other websites or sell another copy of it.  If you do, you will be liable to refund the buyer, pay a 30% fee to Strong Logos and for any other losses incurred by the buyer.